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  Dr. Tiwari - DoctorUpdated on 11/27/2012  
Iam a Doctor by profession and love interior decoration.
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I have to live on the top floor ( approx 3300sq ft) of a three storied building

I have to live on the top floor ( approx 3300sq ft) of a three storied building at Asansol( temp reach 48deg during summer). I am worried about the heat and hence I have planned to put a false ceiling in the 3 bedrooms. Does it really help and what additional can I do to keep my floor cooler. Does an exhaust fan between the RCC ceiling and false ceiling really help? How should I cover my entire te.

Heat reduction in the top floors

Pls suggest me methods to reduce heat generation in the top floor of a three storied building. I live in a place which is very very hot and humid and AC is quite ineffective during the daytime ( where the summer temperatures can go up to 51 degrees and AC with more power is useless).I have read a lot about sun reflective paint,false ceilings etc etc.Can you suggest me effective solutions for this .
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  26 January, 2022
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