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Bedroom Ceiling Color!
Bedroom Window Curtains
Bedroom Door Curtains
Furniture with Style

  nisha ahujaUpdated on 3/8/2010  
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nisha ahuja  

Decorative Lights in Luxrious Bedroom

Decorative Lights in Luxrious Bedroom
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Anonymous I really like your designs, they spark ideas to homemakers like me!
4/20/2010 6:17:03 PM
vijay kumar i want pop design ceiling pictures
3/24/2010 10:54:06 AM
R.MUTHUVEL very nice
3/23/2010 4:43:18 PM
macgirl I would very much like the details (where to purchase, brand name, price, color specs, materials...) about the chandelier, the bedspread, the paint colors, the pillows.... what a beautiful bedroom!!!
12/14/2009 5:25:34 PM

nisha ahuja  

Location for Kitchen according to Vastu

Location for Kitchen according to Vastu
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Anonymous remedies for the north west kitchen?
6/8/2012 11:45:48 AM
Anonymous Pl tell which is best place for newly married son
5/3/2012 2:25:15 PM
Anonymous mera kitchen aagney se start ho kar ishan ko mil raha hai kya sahi hai. alok
8/25/2011 10:50:54 AM
Anonymous Hi, My kitchen is placing at South.SouthWest some place is there for washing cloths, so my kitchen will come south or south west? and there is no place for east face cooking can u pleae give me your sugesstion which facing is better to cook other then east.?
12/1/2010 6:02:15 PM
Anonymous Verry good picture
11/28/2010 2:42:48 PM
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nisha ahuja  

Energetic ceiling.

Energetic ceiling.
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Anonymous pop digiesn picture
10/27/2012 1:51:27 PM
Anonymous The pelmet above the pillars looks too bulky compare to the pillar size. Should be a bit smaller.
5/8/2012 4:19:32 PM
Anonymous ggod pictures
7/16/2009 9:02:45 PM

nisha ahuja  

Living Room,Alive with Colours

Living Room,Alive with Colours
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swathi bright & good
7/8/2011 7:22:16 PM
Archana Takke wall highlight is very nice
9/18/2010 2:38:32 PM
harish doesnot look like a living room
9/16/2008 9:52:14 PM
Deepak good
5/6/2008 7:47:58 PM
Love thy community Wall highlights is just amazing, great for a non standard wall shape
3/14/2008 12:46:12 PM

nisha ahuja  

Auspicious circular ceiling.

Auspicious circular ceiling.
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Sanjay Chhabra very good.
11/18/2009 6:45:18 PM
vivek superb
11/15/2009 1:24:18 PM
vinayak Very nice.Looks really beautiful
8/14/2008 12:52:21 PM
reenal its very interesting
4/12/2008 2:49:25 PM
Munmun this is awesome
3/19/2008 3:43:44 PM
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nisha ahuja  

Exclusive Ceiling.

Exclusive Ceiling.
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l.gopal i feel very happy
5/13/2012 10:42:07 PM
Anonymous smsn
10/24/2011 10:52:20 AM
Anonymous hello
5/27/2009 11:03:03 PM
Amees Please Nisha try to have some aesthetic sense. Such an irritating style.
2/12/2008 4:39:09 PM

nisha ahuja  

Brass chandelier on ceiling

Brass chandelier on ceiling
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Anonymous I love this design
8/2/2011 6:15:52 AM
8/1/2011 4:13:53 PM
prophecy breath taking,beautiful design
1/24/2009 8:54:45 AM

nisha ahuja  

Innovative ceiling.

Innovative ceiling.
Email Download Add to Collection82784 views
RIYAJ KHAN i my name is Riyaj khan i m Conducter incharge this is
4/3/2015 12:20:49 PM
Anonymous What a Picture...
12/31/2014 11:32:38 PM
Anonymous i like your stly
6/26/2014 6:57:02 AM
Anonymous xo gra8
6/25/2014 3:17:25 PM
Dr V P Gupta very nicely designed interior
10/18/2011 1:34:49 PM
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nisha ahuja  

Poster Bed

Poster Bed
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iqrar hussain vvvvvvv nice this home for jheil
5/1/2008 10:32:02 PM
mohd.saquib heyyyyyy.......? this is ur home....? this is ur gift r u happy......./
3/14/2008 3:06:40 PM

nisha ahuja  

Layout of Kitchen according to Vastu

Layout of Kitchen according to Vastu
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vijaya  what distance must be between the fire n water?
12/15/2009 9:20:14 AM
subba rao sir, location of stoveand sink are not clearly visible along with door
11/5/2009 12:20:58 PM
Anonymous tips are real good must say it serves lot of purpose as things are explained very beautifully
12/16/2008 12:03:47 PM
ritesh Awasthi exellent work
5/14/2008 1:41:18 PM
Kitan Look at where the stove is located slightly offset to SE. Wouldn't it look better if it were centered between the window. I don't think AGNI would mind as long as Kitchen is located in SE direction on the plot.
5/3/2008 10:10:10 PM
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nisha ahuja  

Glowing Kitchen

Glowing Kitchen
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Love thy community Also Avoodi, we probably have to fight the stereotype that the kitchen should be a small area. I am of the opinion that a larger portion of the space should be dedicated to the kitchen. I understand that the space is limited in metros but then kitchen should not be the first place that should get its area cut.
5/16/2008 6:22:25 PM
avoodi yes its a good one, many other kitchen pictures are also good, but the challange is to make it look good in a normal 10x10 kitchen not a very large kitchen with only 2 walls etc.. any one can design great kitchen with that kind of flexibility- the real challange is in designing the kitchen in normal area with normal constraints.
5/16/2008 4:35:06 PM
alkajain superb kitchen with gud space management.....
4/13/2008 2:24:06 PM

nisha ahuja  

Marvellous Dining Room and Living Room

Marvellous Dining Room and Living Room
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nisha ahuja  

Center POP design and design for two fans

Center POP design and design for two fans
Email Download Add to Collection84892 views
maqbool rasheed i like it
2/10/2015 9:45:14 PM
vishwa pratap good
3/28/2011 9:22:50 AM
Anonymous its very nice.....
9/24/2010 3:49:57 PM
nadia excellent pictures.
4/26/2010 7:09:19 PM
simi Old patterns
12/9/2008 3:47:53 PM
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nisha ahuja  

Curve ceiling lights looks beautiful.

Curve ceiling lights looks beautiful.
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Anonymous gud
4/11/2011 7:59:51 PM
Anonymous beautiful picture but would have really helped if some detailing was provided- like levels of the ceilings, method of making such a ceiling -fixing details
11/2/2009 8:18:30 PM
simi Interesting one
12/9/2008 3:45:28 PM
mohan dayalani over done????my view
2/17/2008 9:11:30 PM

nisha ahuja  


Email Download Add to Collection3179 views
Anonymous Kindly give me the best rates of these IRON JALI DOORS IMMEDIATELY
6/11/2011 3:58:15 PM
Kitan Air circulation, Air Vent.
6/12/2008 8:22:25 PM
Amees what is this
4/1/2008 1:27:52 PM

nisha ahuja  

Global ceiling looks like a flying saucer.

Global ceiling looks like a flying saucer.
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Anonymous the picture is ok an wil lik 2 hav some.
9/9/2012 5:58:49 PM
balajee_s Very nice
9/21/2008 11:48:55 AM
ayinde olusegun i need different pictures on pop decoration
4/12/2008 2:41:46 PM
Amees So old fashioned
2/12/2008 4:39:34 PM

nisha ahuja  

Sanded and Stained Wood Finishes Almirah

Sanded and Stained Wood Finishes Almirah
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nisha ahuja  

Living Room With Plazma

Living Room With Plazma
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shikha agarwal it is good interior
12/9/2008 11:12:42 PM

nisha ahuja  

Terrazo Floor

Terrazo Floor
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nisha ahuja  

Bed Room with Orange and White Scheme

Bed Room with Orange and White Scheme
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Anonymous What shade of orange are the curtains?
2/27/2013 11:03:54 PM
M.G.K.NAIR Highly impressive & informative
3/20/2011 10:38:37 AM
Anonymous good
11/14/2009 8:21:44 PM
Gharexpert Support dream room
3/6/2008 1:05:09 PM

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