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Kitchen designs | Kitchen Designs in India | Smart Kitchen Designs | Usable Kitchens  kitchen design; Smart, usable or beautiful, take your pick
  By:Mohini Sharma - On Saturday, April 2,2011  -  82708 View(s)  -  13 Comment(s)
Kitchen designs | Kitchen Designs in India | Smart Kitchen Designs | Usable Kitchens  
So what would you choose when you have to go for a kitchen design.  Should it be smart, should it be usable with more and more space to hide the dishes and half filled cookie jars or should it be beautiful with a metallic modern finish with the pieces of art that you would love to show off to the world.  Don't say all of the them as that is not an option :)  Or at least I can't think of that design right now.

Now there are kitchen design principals that mostly talks about how every thing should be closely accessible to the person who is cooking the meal but if there are more than one person preparing the meal as is the case in India's joint families then we start to look beyond that principal.  

In this post I don't want to go into the kitchen design principals but rather I want to find out what do you guys think when you get to design a kitchen and I want to start a series where you guys post your comments on the kitchen pictures posted in this website to tell all of us what do you like about each design. 

I would start by posting my comments about this kitchen  design below.  I like this for the following reasons.

Kitchen Design

1) It has tonnes of space under the cooking range and in the life size frosted glass cabinets
2) It has a great island concept that gives us plenty of room for multiple persons in the kitchen having their own small work area.
3) A glass shelf to put decorative glasses, probably can be used as a mini bar too if you like
4) Taking about the color selection, the white cabinets do not grab attention and leave the focus back on the center piece.
5) A stark black dining table and chair combo is built right next to the cooking area that looks pleasing. Again a dining table in the kitchen was never a part of the golden triangle rule that was the kitchen designer's favourite for a long time but again this fixture has proved time and again as to how usable this idea is. Though a lot of homes in India have not yet caught up to this design probably because of the space or design limitations but I would think this one would make way to Indian homes too pretty soon. 

1) It does not have a good implementation of the kitchen triangle and would increase milage as not all items are quickly accessible. The island design kind of blocks the movement.
2) No provision of good lighting. Artificial lights are good to an extent but nothing beats the natural lights but probably the guy who designed this kitchen didn't have that luxery.

There are probably a lot more that you guys can think of, feel free to add yours. Let me know what you like and what you don't.

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10 Comment(s)
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By shoaib khalil inamdar : On Saturday, January 26,2013
this designs really best
By manimalamishra : On Tuesday, January 15,2013
Nice kitchen
By Mannat : On Wednesday, October 10,2012
HGTV has all kinds of FREE information on how to asbemsle all different types of things!! Also, advice on where to buy the supplies you need at REASONABLE prices. I would suggest, going to amazon, msn shopping, or ebay for supplies just make sure they list the item as NEW or LIKE NEW!!! You should be fine!! As I frequent these sites have only had a couple of MINOR problems with them. However, when I did have an issue; the issue was solved quickly!!
By Anonymous : On Monday, February 7,2011
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By sawai jain : On Thursday, September 30,2010
good design ,, may i know its estimate cost

hey monika have u any more designs....
sen me ur suggestions on my id
By SRI DEMBIRAM PANGING : On Tuesday, March 10,2009
looking very good
By arvind : On Tuesday, December 23,2008
very nice kitchen
By avinash : On Thursday, May 15,2008
Hi Monika, the designs are really good.
I want some info from you.
If you can help me i will let u know.

By Monika : On Thursday, May 15,2008
very nice kitchen design
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