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How a life of an architecture student is different in perceiving the world.

ashish batra
By ashish batra
A student, exploring faccets of life by means of architecture.
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BRICK JALI - ArchiStud - where creativity takes shape - ashish batra BRICK JALI
  By:ashish batra - On Tuesday, June 17,2008  -  63848 View(s)  -  11 Comment(s)
BRICK JALI - ArchiStud - where creativity takes shape - ashish batra"s channel - ALL channels 
                                        Brick Jali

The common burnt brick is one of man’s great inventions. Five thousand years ago bricks were made in many different shapes and sizes but, one by one, the less satisfactory ones were discarded. Now, all over the world, with only a few exceptions, nearly all bricks are roughly the same shape and size - that is about 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches.
We often use the words like old fashioned or Modern etc.  Does “Luxurious life” is all we need in this modern trend of lifestyle. The answer will be YES, but why to waste a big amount of money for that.

WINDOWS are costly. One square foot of-window can cost up to ten times the cost of the simple brick or stone wall it replaces.

A window has varied functions :-
1) to look out of,
2)to let light inside a room,
3)to let in fresh air,
4)to let in fresh air,and so on....

Cost efficient replacement: "brick JALI"
In many of these situations listed above  a “JALI” is just as effective. Far from being a lot more costly than the basic wall, if made of brick it can be less costly than the house wall!

The bottom picture shows the simple honeycomb brick pattern. Wide vertical joints are left open and not filled with mortar.

The pictures above show a few of many possible variations. This is an alternative to the costly window.

Some of the coolness occurs due to the breezes blowing through the jalis that fill many outside walls. Gaps between bricks let air and daylight through a wall, while diffusing the glare of direct sunlight.

This is the building enclosure made by brick jali: enhancing and beautufying the architecture.....

brick jali can be used instead of parapet wall or boundary walls...
lets watch out for some examples......................

Some of the windows have been replaced with jalis, which are cheaper and give permanent – ventilation and light and protection or security.

Don’t be limited to interiors……………

Come outside and have a view of this nature through filter effect by your brick jali…….


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By RobertSed : On Thursday, May 2,2024

By Marcussab : On Monday, April 29,2024

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By Marcussab : On Tuesday, April 16,2024

By Marcussab : On Tuesday, March 19,2024

By Moreshwar Kelkar : On Thursday, July 7,2011
Just some thing I was looking for at a climatically hot place like NAGPUR to protect South and West face at balcony ends as balacanies on their own are not effective. Can I get lnotes on Layer by layer build up so that a meson can create a particular pattern and details of percentage area that gets blocked ( to gauge blokage of wind with each pattern of jali. Thanks and regards.
Post Script: - Saw a couple of photoes but was unable to reduce it to layer by layer plan views.(cnvincingly) on a drawing board.
By krutika harale : On Tuesday, July 1,2008
thanx a lot 4 the info..! really helped..
By vikrant : On Tuesday, June 24,2008
Good post Ashsish. I think the idea is that we should understand various construction techniques so that we can utilize them in various scenarios rather than using the traditional approach all the time.
By Mohini Sharma : On Saturday, June 21,2008
Great Post
By anilkamal : On Friday, June 20,2008
very good...but hw abt mosquitoez n flies?
By Monika : On Friday, June 20,2008
nice post
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