Door and Window Frames


We are discussing about frames of doors and windows. First we will discuss about door frames. A door is a solid barrier i.e. fixed in the opening of a wall. It can be opened for access to and from buildings and between the rooms or closed for privacy. The door has two parts: one part is frame and second part is shutters. The classification of door frames according to material is

1. Wooden door frame
2. Aluminum door frame
3. Iron door frame

Wooden door frame

Wood is the most popular choice for construction of door and window frames. Wooden frames give architectural beauty to the building and are easy to maintain. There are many types of wood according to the quality. The type of wood is used according to the requirement of the building and availability of budget.

  • Timber is sawn in the direction of grains.

  • All members of frames are of same species of timber and be straight without any warp. 

  • The frames are smooth, well planed surfaces except the surface touching wall lintel sill etc.  

  • The rebate is done before members are joined into frame.

  • The thickness of rebate is 15 mm and the width is equal to the thickness of shutter.

  • If wire gauze shutter is to be fixed, two numbers of rebate should be made.

  • A door frame consisting of three wooden members i.e. two upright posts called jamb posts, which are jointed with top piece called cross piece or head.

  • Nominal size of door frame for single shutter is 75 MM X100 MM and for double shutter 75 mm X 125 mm.

  • The door frame is jointed with mortise and Tenon joints as this joint is the strongest one.

  • The length of jammed post/vertical post should have extra length of 40 mm from door opening for embedding it into the floor.

  • The top corner of the frames is secured with G. I. sheet and iron screws.

  • The back portion of door frame which in contact with walls, lintels sill etc. is painted with bitumen or any anti-termite chemical.

  • Each prepared door frame is fitted with temporary stretcher at bottom to keep the frame in position. 

  • The frame is in true to right angle.

  • To protect door frame during construction priming coat is done before fixing.

    • (This Picture is Contributed by "Ahmed")

      A nice wooden door frame.

      Aluminum Door Frames

      Now a days aluminum door and window frames are mostly used in commercial and offices complex, high class buildings to give architectural view to enhance the beauty and smooth working. These frames give beautiful looks, require no painting and less maintenance cost and are free from termite attack, rusting problems etc.  

      • The door frames are mostly in use after 1990. 

      • These should be manufactured from reputed manufacturer.

      • Aluminum door window frames should be according to IS: 1948 and I S: 1949 on manufacturing.

      • Generally size of aluminum door frame available in the market is as given below.

    • The Size = 44.4 X29 MM. 42.9 X 29 MM


        (This Picture is Contributed by "Ahmed")

        Aluminium Door Frame - very solid.

        Iron Frame

        Iron frames in door and windows are used in low cost buildings. These frames are safe from termite attack. There are three types of iron door frames.

        1. Angle iron door frame

          These door frames are made from angle iron of size 40 mmX40 mmX6 mm. Iron hinges are welded with frame. The joints should be flush welded and ground smooth with grinder. The frame should be true to right angle. Priming coat should be done before fixing the frame.  

        2. T. Iron door frame

          These frames are made from T. Iron and all other procedure is the same as for angle iron door fame.  
        4. Pressed steel door frames

          These frames are manufactured from mild steel sheet 1.25 mm thickness. Iron hinges are welded with frame. The length of vertical post should be 40 mm extra long as compared to opening for embedding in the floor. The joints should be flush welded and grinded smooth with grinder. The back side of frame is filled with cement concrete 1:3:6 before fixing. Priming coat is done before fixing. The size of pressed steel door frame = 89 X 50 MM, 76 X 38 MM, 127 X50 MM, 114 X 50 MM available in the marke

        Window Frame

        In this section we will discuss about window frames. Window is an opening into the wall for providing daylight, ventilation and to view outside look. It has two parts: one is window frame and the other is shutters. All other specifications of window frame are the same as for door frames given above.

        Fixing of Door and Window Frames

        • Frames are fixed in opening abutting masonry or concrete with iron hold fast.

        • Hold fasts are embedded in cement concrete block 1:3:6 ratios in the masonry walls.

        • While fixing frames it should be in plumb, level and in straight line.

        • Door and window frames can be fixed in masonry either at the time when work is in progress or in the opening left in masonry for fixing frames.  

        • Vertical members of door frames are embedded in the floor for full thickness of floor finish.

        (This Picture is Contributed by "Ahmed")

        Small size wooden window frame

        Bedroom with big size wooden window for a bigger view...just amazing!

        Spacing for Fixing Hold Fasts

        The spacing recommended for fixing hold fasts vary for different types of frames.

        1. For wooden frame: Minimum three hold fasts are fixed on each side of door frames; one at the center point and the other two at 30 cm from the top and the bottom of the frame.

        2. For M.S. steel frame: Three lugs /hold fasts are provided on each jamb spacing not more than 75 cm.

        3. For aluminum door frame: In aluminum door frames, the frame is fixed with four numbers of lugs/hold fast as given below.

        • First number at 45 cm from the bottom.

        • The second number at 109 cm from the bottom.

        • The third at 139 cm from bottom.

        • And the forth at 189 cm from the bottom

        Note: If the width of opening is more than 80 cm, two numbers of lugs should be provided on the top member of the frame.  

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        How to calculate quantity of mortar (1:3) for a wall of 12'x16'x9"
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        By Anonymous - On 8/27/2014 3:16:01 PM
        we have required metal frame with wooden finished door for our site office ,
        OP Verma
        By OP Verma -  On  7/23/2014 5:07:02 PM
        The article is very helpful, but it has missed out on stone frames. These days you can have a door frame made of marble. No termite no rusting. Except that it does not look beautiful like a teak wood frame otherwise it has all the plus points.Only thing which has to be worked out is which is most economical ie steel, marble/stone or Teak.
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        dear all

        I would like to have the design of the doors
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        Oh dear! I am a huge fan of GHAREXPERT.
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        Thank you GHAREXPERT...GOD bless u all!!! LOL!
        By Anonymous - On 1/22/2013 4:02:00 PM
        in my opinion residential building do not permit MS Door and Window, As it not a Health friendly as well as environment. It gives Negative energy to the health and much more reflect heat energy in the summer season.
        By Anonymous - On 3/20/2012 10:00:52 PM
        By Anonymous - On 1/27/2011 2:51:12 PM
        we are interested to know about project report and articals about rcc doors and window frames
        anup kumar
        By anup kumar -  On  8/28/2010 4:49:32 PM
        how many cost in one door(7' x 3.5' ) and in one window (4' x 6')
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        i would like to know about good glass for windows
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        actually this artical is well prepared, i got an idea about frames. i would like to thank those who created it.
        daleep wadhwa
        By daleep wadhwa -  On  7/12/2010 10:15:48 PM
        tomorrow i was going to fit the wooden door frames. but after reading ur literature i have decided to apply anti termite chemical on the wooden door frames. thanks
        By kailsah -  On  6/26/2010 3:13:14 PM
        The article is very informative and gave an idea of using the different materials.The pictures are very beautiful.
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