Earth Filling


Earth Filling under the Floor

Earth should be free from stumps, roots, grass, clods, and large pieces of stones because these objects hinder proper compaction of soil manually or mechanically. Care should be taken that the earth is free from ‘Kallar’ and alkaline materials. Earthen works should be laid in 20 cm. layers.
All lumps should be broken and the layers should be compacted with ‘Hand Rammer’ after watering.  

Precautions during Earth Filling in Foundation

The following precautions should be taken for earth-filling around brick masonry in foundation.  
  • Space around foundation and drains in trenches should be cleared of all debris, brick bats etc.
  • The filling should be done in layers not exceeding 20 cm in depth.
  • Each layer should be watered, rammed and consolidated. 
  • Ramming should be done with iron ‘Rammer’ where possible or with blunt end of ‘Crow Bars’ where the Rammer can not be used.
  • Special care should be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to the pipes, drains masonry or concrete.

    Precautions during Earth Filling under Floor

    • Normally excavated earth from same area should be used.
    • The Earth should be free from shrubs, ranks vegetation, grass, bushes, woods, stones and boulders (Larger than 75 mm. in any direction), organic or any other foreign matter.
    • Earth containing deleterious materials, salt, peter earth etc. should not be used.

    Precautions during Compaction of Earth

    The following precautions should be taken during compaction of earth under the floor.
    • The filling should be done in layers not exceeding 20 cm. deep.
    • All clods and lumps of earth exceeding 8 cm. in any direction should be broken or removed before filling the earth.
    • Each layer of earth should be watered, rammed and consolidated with iron rammer.
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    By Anonymous - On 5/14/2012 7:06:41 PM
    It was extremely help. Am a young Civil Engineer. How do i get your direct contact.. Really want to learn more.
    By Anonymous - On 4/3/2012 4:56:59 PM
    Please let me know what is Kallar. I have to fill some earth in Karchi, EPZA landhi.
    By imran -  On  6/7/2011 12:56:55 PM
    I did filling as in this article; but after one month when we watered the floor it again settled down. our filling was 6 feet.why?
    By Anonymous - On 4/15/2010 2:59:27 PM
    Pls I want to know if there are any harmful effects and disadvantages of sand filling especially as it relates to communities that have rivers.
    S L Gupta (Civil Engg)
    By S L Gupta (Civil Engg) -  On  1/2/2010 11:34:37 AM

    construction of house, proper foundation of wall is required to bear the dead
    load of wall, load of RCC slab/ roof and live load bear by the slab/ roof, load
    of parapet etc. To make room wall on boundary wall is not safe. For more detail
    you may take help from the Web site Ghar expert. Com and read article “Brick
    Wall Specification.” Link given below.,-Pillars-Structure-1473/Specification-Bricks-Walls-_0.aspx

    By Ramrekha_vns -  On  12/29/2009 6:14:05 PM
    Opps! -- In continuation ** The B-wall brick structure started with 20 inch above it 14 inch above 9 inch and stopped at plinth level.
    By Ramrekha_vns -  On  12/29/2009 6:10:51 PM
    I bought 4297.6 sqft plot. And constructed Boundry Wall all around evenly. The plot level is below 5.5 feet from main road. The B-Wall has support of 18 RCC pillers of 10 inches each at regular intervals. The question is that the B-wall, not filled with any filling materials in base -like mixture of piece stone, lime, red sand etc. Can i start construction of room wall on this.Will this be safe for future...? Please send comment. Thanks.
    By Anonymous - On 2/19/2009 11:36:49 AM
    please mail any information regarding excavation, earth work
    By surya -  On  11/5/2008 11:42:52 AM
    But Practically very few people are following these rules.
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    sand filling
    sand filling

    Racked joints Filled
    Racked joints Filled
    Pit of Root Filled with Hard Material
    Pit of Root Filled with Hard Material
    Pit of Soil Filled With Hard Material
    Pit of Soil Filled With Hard Material
    Enjoy down the earth
    Enjoy down the earth
    Excavation of Earth
    Excavation of Earth
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