Aluminum door finishes types

The following types of finishing protective materials recommended for Aluminum doors.


Anodizing is a simple electrochemical process that forms a protective layer/coating of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum frame. The life of anodizing finish is depending on the thickness of the anodic coating applied on the aluminum frame. Aluminum oxide provides hard, durable coating and the aluminum frame become weather resistant and keep the base metal safe.  

Organic Coatings


  • Zinc chromate should be use for painting Aluminum doors.
  • Covering capacity is about 18 to 20 sqm/liter/coat

Raw linseed oil:

  • It shall lightly be viscous but clear of yellowish color with light brown touch. The oil shall be smooth and sweet to the taste with very little smell. The oil shall be of matured quality sufficiently.

Double-boiled linseed oil:

  • This shall be more viscous than the raw oil. It maintains deeper color and specific gravity between 0.931 and 0.945 at a temperature of 30 degree Celsius. It shall be dry with a glossy surface. The oil shall be of approved brand and manufacture.


  • Mineral turpentine, i. e. petroleum distillate that has the same rate of evaporation as vegetable turpentine shall be use. It shall have no grease or other residue when allowed to evaporate.

Exterior Grade enamel paint:

These are available in two types:

  • Synthetic enamel
  • Enamel

Synthetic enamel 

Synthetic enamel makes surface dry much faster than enamel paints does. Covering capacity of synthetic enamel paints for painting metal surfaces is about 15-22 sqm/liter for single coat and 10-12 sqm/liter for two coats. For undercoat, paint of the same quality shall be use. The best coating for metals (fencing, window grills, fans, gates, poles, etc.) is providing by synthetic enamel paint, which acts both as a decorative and protective coating. Enamels are tough, durable and protect metals from corrosion. On drying, they form a smooth glossy, relatively hard and permanent solid layer. The enamel paint coat presents a glossy surface but if desired an eggshell or flat finish may also be obtain by adding turpentine in small quantity.

Enamel paint interior:

These paints are use for the interior protection and decoration. Where red color is acceptable, Red oxide paint shall be prepared by mixing red oxide, raw linseed oil and boiled linseed oil in the ratio of 4.79 kg: 2 liter: 1 liter.

Note: Ready mixed paints have the correct consistency and shall not require further dilution with thinners. If a slight adjustment of viscosity is necessary, use the thinners recommended by the manufacturers.

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