Aluminum door frame standard size

Door is fixed in the door way or opening in a wall of house component/ rooms of a house or building. There are mainly two parts exist in the door i.e. doorframe and door shutter and door can be opened for access to and from buildings, between rooms or be closed for safety or privacy. According to material, there is various types of doors available in the market such as wooden doors, iron doors, PVC or plastic doors and aluminum doors etc. Now a day’s aluminum doors, windows and glazing are widely used. 

According to manufacturing process, the door may be categorized as readymade i.e. factory-manufactured door and other is manufacture at the house/ building site. Readymade doors are available in various shapes, designs and materials like wood, iron, PVC or plastic and aluminum in the market. Several manufacturing units in India fabricate door shutters according to ISI specifications. Doors may be classified broadly in to the following types.

    • Side Hung Doors:- These doors may be single swing or double acting doors. Each type may have single shutter (leaf) or double shutter. Majority of doors are Side Hung Doors.
    • Sliding Doors:-These doors are hung from a door track fixed to the soffit of the door opening and slides sideways. Sliding doors do not cause any obstruction in the room. These may be single leaf or double leaf or four-leaf door.
    • Folding or accordion doors:- These may be either centre folding sliding door or edge folding sliding door. They are provided so that two rooms may be used to-gather as single room or separately.
  • Doors Frames:-A door frame consists of three members, i.e. Two up writes or posts, called jamb post, which are secured at the top to a cross piece called a head or transom. The sizes of doorframe are according to use and material used in the doorframe and standard sizes are used in the doorframe. In doorframe, a rebate or recess 15 mm deep is kept for receiving the door shutter. For aluminum door following standard size of frames are in use.
    • Width of frame (Single leaf)
      • For 35mm to 40 mm thick shutters
                    The width of frame is 100 mm.
      • For 25mm to 30 mm thick shutters
                    The width of frame is 90 mm.
    • Width of frame (Double leaf)
      • For 30mm,35mm and 40 mm thick shutters
                    The width of frame is 120 mm.
        b)For 25mm thick shutters
                    The width of frame is 90 mm.
        The Thickness of frame should be 60 mm.
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