Guideline for Labor laying stoneware or SW Pipes

Stoneware pipes are used for underground drainage such as to drain the waste from toilet, bathroom and kitchen etc. These are generally used outside the covered building area.The stoneware pipes and fittings should be free from any visible defects, such as fire cracks, hair cracks etc. The glaze of pipe should be free from crazing. The pipe should give a sharp clear tone when struck with light hammer.


Short cylindrical, salt glazed stone ware pipes have been used from long time for underground drainage. The fittings are formed by extrusion and the parts of junctions are extruded and then cut and joined by hand. The pipes and fittings are fired on salt glaze which renders them both dense and impermeable to seepage from inside and infiltration of ground water from outside. The molded clay pipes and fittings are than dried in kilns to ensure regular, uniform loss of water to avoid deformation of shape.


A typical stoneware pipe has normal bore i.e. inside diameter of commonly used clay pipes for building drainage is 100mm-150mm but for sewer use the maximum size being about 300 mm – 450 mm. The thickness of barrel is according to the diameter of SW pipe range from 12mm for 100mm diameter pipe to 43 mm for 600 mm diameter and similarly depth of socket is range from 50mm to 90 mm. The lengths of pipe available are 600 mm; 750 mm and 900 mm excluding the depth of socket longer pipes are preferred.

The SW pipes and fittings should be free from any visible defects, such as fire cracks, hair cracks etc. The glaze of pipe should be free from crazing.
Laying of Stoneware or SW Pipe:


  • The pipe should be laid to require alignment and required depth.
  • There should be minimum cover of 90 cm when pipe lay under roadway.
  • There should be no any depressions in bed under the pipe line.
  • The trench should in required grade or slop if not than then required slop or grade be made by filling selected earth or sand and compacted.
  • After excavation of the trench is completed, hollows shall be cut at the required position to receive the socket of the pipes. The depth of the hollow should be sufficient to ensure that the barrel of the pipes throughout length on the solid ground.
  • The pipes between two man holes should be laid truly in straight line without undulation.
  • Care should be taken that sand etc should not enter in the pipes for this empty gunny bags are placed at the mouth of pipe at the end of days work.
  • The pipe line should encase by cement concrete if required.

Jointing of SW Pipes

  • Ensure that yarn should be thoroughly soaked in thick cement slurry before placing in the joint.
  • See that the mortar ratio on the joint should not be less than 1; 1.
  • The fillet of mortar around the joint should be finished with trowel to form an angle of 45degree with the barrel of pipe.
  • See that there should not any settlement in the pipe line take place as the joint is rigid.
  • See the curing of joints i.e. kept the joint wet for 7 days by tying gunny bags

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