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Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. - Cement

Coimbatore : Raw Material : Cement
Dalmia Cement is specially designed to provide extra protection and strength, compared to ordinary cements. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art CVRM technology. This gives the cement an optimal particle size distribution, which in turn, enables denser concrete.

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H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd - Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles

Coimbatore : Tile Flooring : Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles
What if you could let your home out of the house for a day? Would it wiggle its toes in the sand?Or would it tickle fingers on wt grass? Perhaps It'd race after tigers chasing their prey.

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Keywords : Tiles.Floor Tiles Tile Flooring Johnson Tiles Leatherland Tiles
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Stovekraft Pvt. Ltd. - Gilma live in product

Coimbatore : Raw Material : Gilma live in product
Lifestyle Product

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Keywords : Chimneys Hobs Cooking Range Gas Stoves Modular Kitchens Solar Water Heaters Chairs Safes
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Quick Step - Natural Floor Designed by Quick-Step

Coimbatore : Flooring : Natural Floor Designed by Quick-Step
Merbau is a rare Asian wood the a typical intense reddish brown color. Quick-step offers you an alternative that looks just like it, but with the easy care and durability of laminate. Add charm to your interior with the character of Quick-step Merbau boards.

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Keywords : Wooden Flooring Flooring Design Floor Design
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ESSESS Bath Fittings and Accessories - Cruzo Just Simplicity. Period.

Coimbatore : Bathroom Accessories : Cruzo Just Simplicity. Period.
A combination of futuristic design and elegant chrome finish brings the minimalistic look to your bathroom.

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Keywords : Faucets Bath Fittings Ess Ess Bath Fittings Bathroom Accessories
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Greenply Industries Ltd - Veneer so exquisite, they may never get used.

Coimbatore : Bedroom Furniture : Veneer so exquisite, they may never get used.
Veneer Thickness 0.5MM+, Borer and Termite Proof Veneer, 100% Gurjan Base Ply, MIT Technology

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Keywords : Greenlam Laminates Ply Block Board Decorative Veneers Plywood Particle Boards Restroom Cubicles
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Kapoor Lampshades - Illuminate your expression

Coimbatore : Interior Lighting : Illuminate your expression
Kapoor Lampshades, Illuminate your expression. Light. Life. Style

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Keywords : Lamp Shades Table Lampshades Kapoor lampshades Interior Lights Study Table Lampshades
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