Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is generally used in furniture, cabinetry, interior joinery and house construction. There are many types of cedar wood and all types share some common properties. Western Red Cedar wood is generally used due to its exceptional conductivity, durability, acoustic properties, density, and flame spreading ratio, which means it is resistant to fire.

  • Properties

Cedar wood is commercial soft woodCedar, like some other woods, has the ability to dampen sound vibrations. The cellular network of interlocking pores found in wood changes sound energy into heat, making it ideal for the floor, ceiling, and wall when attempting to insulate and absorb sound. Cedar can be used to reduce noise and confine it to particular areas if it is needed in your house.

  • Types:In general there are two types of cedar wood, one is western red cedar wood and other is eastern red cedar wood.    
  • Grain/ texture:Cedar wood has straight grain and uniform texture.
  • Denisity:Cedar wood has low density and due to this the wood is easily handled and transported. The relative density (specific gravity) is 0.35.
  • Weight:Cedar wood when it is dry has 22lbs weight per cubic foot.
  • Durability:Cedar wood is naturally durable wood tends to last at least several decades has bacterial and fungal resistance.
  • Finishing:Cedar wood is soft wood and fine grain holds paints, stains, oils and other coatings and gives very good finishing?
  • Workability:It is very easy to work on cedar wood either by machine or hand tools and hold onto nails and screws. It takes fasteners without splitting and is easily sawn and nailed. When working with Western Red Cedar, sharp cutters are used.
  • Dimensional Stability:Western Red Cedar will absorb or discharge moisture to attain balance with the surrounding atmosphere. Due to these characteristics it has a very low shrinkage factor and there is  resistance to warping, twisting and checking.
  • Appearance:Cedar wood has good appearance, it is soft wood have plain surface and charming appearance.
  • Color:Cedar wood has red color so it is called western red cedar and eastern red cedar wood.
  • Thermal Conductivity:In soft wood cedar wood is likely to be one of the best thermal insulators because it has high proportion of air spaces and its low density. When a material has good thermal conductivity, it means that it can keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Uses:Cedar wood is used in furniture, cabinetry, interior joinery, bridge and house construction, and outdoor furniture.
  • Pros & cons:Cedar wood is durable and its old object / art piece are in good condition over decades. It has less wear and tear and long lasting quality.
       In strength cedar wood is less strong and about 80%as compare to oak wood.       
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