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Exterior Elevation of a modern 500 sq. yds. house completed in Dec 2013
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  Abhishek Garg (Builder & Engineer) - EngineerUpdated on 10/17/2016  

Garg Builders has been engaged in construction and design industry for more than 30 years. We provide complete design, construction and interior decoration services for all types of residential and commercial projects of all sizes.
Please contact us at 987-251-4599 for:

  • Architecture Design
  • All types of Residential & Commercial Building Construction
  • Construction Cost Consultancy
  • Construction Management Services
  • Complete Interior Design: Contemporary and Modern
  • All types of Woodwork
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Home and Office Renovation
  • School/Showroom/Restaurant Design & Construction
    Customer satisfaction is our prime motto.
Current profession: EngineerGender: Male
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Abhishek Garg Engineer Chandigardh

Exterior Elevation of a modern 500 sq. yds. house compl

Exterior Elevation of a modern 500 sq. yds. house completed in Dec 2013
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Anonymous Has it really made in 500ft?
6/4/2015 12:27:49 AM

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UPVC windows

Dear hks448: Nowadays, uPVC windows have started to appear more often in residential construction. A good quality uPVC joinery is almost a timeless asset. Provided you go with a reputed brand for your uPVC requirements, you may rest your doubts regarding longevity and discoloration of these windows.I hope it helps..

Need Advice on Solid Wood Floors

Dear Chintan: I am assuming you are talking about hardwood flooring and not laminate flooring. For hardwood flooring, you should not take risks while cleaning. Whatever method you choose to adopt after reading this post, do try it over a less visible small area first.For routine cleaning use general tap water or filter water which is ph-neutral i.e. neither acidic nor alkaline. For grease and dirt.

water / salt in walls

Dear Mrs. Francis: Install tiles with grooves between joints. You can use any kind of tiles for this matter. However, if glazed/vitrified non-porus tiles are used, then the current dampness and salts will keep on escaping from the tile grooves while the tiles will remain as they are. If rough surfaced/ceramic/porcelain tiles are used, the tiles will also appear to be damp and appear to shed salt a.

can i make wardrobes with marble shelves and acrylic doors?

Dear Mrs. Francis: Nowadays, PVC/plastic laminated board has started to come in use in kitchens and other woodwork which is free from effects of insects, termite and dampness. Another option is stainless steel kitchen cabinets where steel panels are used along with fiber board to make the cabinets. The latter option tends to be a little expensive though. I hope it helps. .

what is best for driveways? Pavers or tiles or cement floor?

Dear Ashok: Nowadays, driveways include pavers, tiles, granite, kota, other stones, cobbled stones, ordinary concrete floor etc. It all depends upon your liking, budget, material availability and application feasibility. I hope it helps..

With reference to civil structures, what are C-sections and I-sections ? When a

Dear Madhusudhanan: Yes, these are made of mild steel. During renovation, they are used where they create an easy solution to provide support/bear load of the existing structure. They are not super-expensive and have a direct relation to the price of steel.I hope it helps..

Wall Putty

Dear Ms. Purvi: primer, putty and exterior grade paint; all are applied..

RCC Foundation in a plot where sand is upto 15 feet deep

Dear Ms. Purvi: Pile foundation would definitely be of help in your case. However, in continuation of Gupta Ji's suggestion, it would do much good if a soil study is done in the area, followed by acquiring the foundation drawing by a competent and experienced structural engineer.  .

Laminate Glass for Wooden Windows

Dear Ashok: Keeping the same window frames, you have two options:1) Install laminated glass instead of your current glass. You say that the thickness of the window frame is 30 mm. You can easily put 9 or 13mm glass in the frame depending upon the location of the glass slab within the 30 mm space. Usually the glass is not placed in the center of the space so the wooden beading that is holding the g.


Hi Kushal: How do you decide which brand of clothes do you wear? Can you comprehensively gauge the quality of the shirt/trouser just by looking and touching it? In case of ply selection, I would suggest to first of all look for the ISI mark and number, check that the ply is water resistant 'BWR grade'/Marine Ply or ordinary "MR grade" as per its application, finally take a decision based on your .
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  1 December, 2021
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 Contact Information
Address: Ph: 9872514599; House No. 358, Sector 35-A
City: Chandigardh
Zip: 160036
Country: India
Website: www.indiamart.com/gargbuilders/
 Education and Work Experience See All
 Education Info
  1. College/University - Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in Year 2006 Attended For BTech
  2. College/University - Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur in Year 2008 Attended For MBA
 Experience Info
  1. Partner at Garg Builders from Nov 2008 to till date
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