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sabina vanjani
By sabina vanjani
I'am a professionally trained Vaastu Consultant and have completed a 6 months Vastu course from Bharatiya Vastu Shastra Shodh Sansthan/Delhi-India. The course involved theoratical and practical traini...
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Vastu Layout For South Facing Plot - www.vaastudrishti.com - sabina vanjani Vastu Layout For South Facing Plot
  By:sabina vanjani - On Monday, June 30,2008  -  196772 View(s)  -  27 Comment(s)
Vastu Layout For South Facing Plot - www.vaastudrishti.com - sabina vanjani"s channel - ALL channels 

This is one of the projects I have done. It involved planning a Vastu compliant house for a South facing plot. The size of the plot is 45/24 feet. The plot faces all the South directions which are unfavorable for the residents. The only favourable direction is the first half of South which implies PutraBhojan/Dhan Labh. After dividing the plot into 16 directions exact South was determined. The first half was then earmarked for the Main Gate. A second door is given in the North from the Drawing room which opens into an open area of 5 feet in NE. The water boring is also placed in the NE sector.Inorder to make the NE light the Drawing room is planned in the North to NE. The dining room is in the East and the kitchen in the SE.

The Masterbedroom is in the SW and the 2nd bedroom in the NW-NNW. The staircase is planned in the SSW area in order to make it heavy. The bathroom is planned in the NW-NNW corner. Though the bath/toilet could have been planned in the SSW but a toilet at the entry is against Vastu principles. Therefore a South facing building is planned as per Vastu principles.

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27 Comment(s)
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By vaman shettt : On Saturday, August 24,2013
I have purchased th plot of 60*40 and i would like to build a house of 1200 sqt and plot is facing south hence, could you please assist me to get good house plan as per vastu which house is facing south.
By Ashu kumar agrahari : On Friday, February 22,2013
i have 1 room and south face house what i do
By Anonymous : On Sunday, February 19,2012
South face 50' *90 wants.beutiful plaan. Design
By Vasu Jayaram : On Thursday, February 2,2012
hi sabina, Does the layout also works if I placed the main door in the east. i.e., entering into dining area. Kindly let me know.

By pooja : On Tuesday, January 10,2012
kindly provide me the layout of south face plot according to vaastu which should be as ground floor for rent purpose and first and second floor for personal use.
By GowriKrishna : On Thursday, December 1,2011
My plot is South Facing ... Need to build Duplex house with car parking... Size is 20 X 102 ...
By suresh yatta : On Wednesday, October 26,2011
hi, i m middleclass guy want to construct G+1 house which is south facing 57/12 with common wall @ east & west neighbour's house. kindly help me with vastu design for my house construction. we faced lots of problems atleast now with new construction want to leave in peace. we will be greatfull to you. kindly do the needfull
By drharendra : On Sunday, October 9,2011
i hv southfacing plot 35feet*100Ft.Plz give me a layout for building home.thank you.
By AJAY : On Monday, August 15,2011
i have a south facing house, my toilet is in west side, drawing room is in south south west, bed room in in east east south wht happens. please advice
By vaishali jain : On Saturday, August 6,2011
wher should study room be. above agni khuna or in north east corner
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