How to Install Electrical Switches

In construction of house or building, electric work also needs proper attention at the time of laying pipes, wiring and fixing various fittings including their quality and specifications. All electric fittings such as ceiling rose, wall sockets, switches, regulators and accessories are attached to wall or ceiling. Brass screws shall be used for attaching fittings to their base blokes.
Switches and Sockets:

The Switches and Sockets should be manufactured with superior quality material such as plastic material and polycarbonate plastic that provides standard functionality. The Switches & Sockets should be flexible in designs, low power consumption and have safe functioning. The Switches & Sockets should be ISI marked and manufactured according to ISI 3854-1997, IS1293-1983. The Switches & Sockets are available in 6Amps, 16 Amps, 25 Amps.

Main Switches:

  • All main switches should be of the ironclad type manufactured by reputed manufacturer.
  • All switches and circuit breakers shall be constructed and installed in accordance with latest guidelines from the I.E.E. Regulations.
  • Handles of switches should be fastened properly, leaving no tendency to unscrew and become loose.
  • All tumbler switches must be of bakelite.
  • In earthed system, all single-pole switches on 2-wire circuits controlling lights, fans etc must be inserted in outer or phase wire as the case may be.
  • In insulated D.C. systems, such switches are to be inserted in the positive side.
  • All unlinked single-pole switches throughout an installation shall be fitted in the conductors or connected to the outer or phase conductors of the supply, or in two way system of supply, in the same conductor, which shall not be a conductor earthed either with or without a circuit breaker or added resistance in the earth connection.
  • In no case shall the consumer insert any single pole switch, cut out or permit such switch, or cut out to be or remain inserted in any earthed neutral conductor.
  • A fuse or unlinked single pole switch shall not be inserted in:
    • The middle or neutral conductor of a three-conductor circuit supplied from a direct current or single- phase-three-wire system.
    • The common return of a two-phase three-conductor circuit.
    • The neutral of a three-phase four-conductor circuit.
    • That conductor of an installation, which is permanently earthed at the source of supply without a circuit breaker or added resistance in the earth connection.

Installation of Main Switches:
In the installation of main switches, main and branch distribution boards the following requirements shall be full filled:

  • A small bracket for pilot lamp shall be fixed and connected through an independent single pole switch.
  • Connections shall be arranged as far as possible to form their own diagram.
  • Each circuit shall be clearly numbered, from left to right.
  • Iron clad switches and distribution boards shall be mounted on 2”x2”x1/4” angle iron frame covered with 1/8” thick iron sheet covering or in recessed cast iron boxes.
  • The casing shall be connected with the main switches and distribution board through flexible metal pipes.

Wall Sockets:

  • All walls socket points shall include a switch and a fuse mounted along side the wall socket.
  • The connections between the switch, the fuse and the wall socket are to be so arranged that the switch be on the live side of both the fuse and the wall socket.
  • In earthen systems, the switch and the fuse may be of the single pole type connected in the outer or phase wire.
  • In insulated system, a double-pole linked switch must be used.
  • All wall sockets shall be of 3-pin type.
  • The 3rd pin shall be earthed through S.W.G. No8 G.I. wire run under casing.
  • The bonding of 3rd pin with the G.I. earth wire shall be done by means of stranded G.I. wires.
  • The bonding of 3rd pin wall socket in the case of T.R.S. system of wiring shall be done through No.14 S.W.G. bare copper wire run between cables and taken direct to the 3rd pin.
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Electricity can be deadly if not used with utmost care. When the phase or live wire touches our body, electric current gives shock depending on the intensity of voltage and paralyze muscular functions of the body. To avoid electric shocks during electric works/contact, make sure you have followed all precautions of electric shock mentioned in the following article.
Electric fitting must be safe and ensure proper safety to the occupants of the house. Low quality products or appliances can cause fatal accidents like short circuit fire/smoke, break out of fire in entire house, current-shock to any member etc.
Saving electricity not only adds to your money but will help thousands in demand of energy also.It’s duty of every citizen to use appliances in proper way.
Sometimes due to carelessness or ignorance, electric phase (Live) wire comes in touch with human body and the current flows through the body as the body is good conductor of electric current.
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The tools for electrical fitting in home: Connector Screw driver (10 cm),Neon Tester,Adjustable Screw Spanner (15cm)
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The breadth and thickness of the strips should be checked.Spacing of screws for fixing strips should be checked.
Check width and depth of the channel, the quality and size of the bricks for mechanical protection.Whether cable identification tags are provided or not.
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