Switches and Sockets

In construction of house or building, electric work also needs proper attention at the time of laying pipes, wiring and fixing various fittings including their quality and specifications. All electric fittings such as ceiling rose, wall sockets, switches, regulators and accessories are attached to wall or ceiling. Brass screws shall be used for attaching fittings to their base blokes.

Types of Switches and Sockets according to the use:

The Switches and Sockets should be manufactured with superior quality material such as plastic material and polycarbonate plastic that provides functionality standard. The Switches and Sockets should be flexible in designs, low power consumption and safe functioning. The Switches and Sockets should be ISI marked and manufactured according to IS 3854-1997, IS1293-1983. The Switches and Sockets are available in 6Amps, 16 Amps, 25 Amps.

Canopy Air Temp Switches:

Canopy Air Temp Switches are renowned for functioning with precision in their respective application. They prevent the equipment from running when the air temperature of generator canopies exceeds the safety limit and turns it off.

Rocker Switches:

Rocker Switches is superior in quality and widely used in market. They are available with single and double pole option, in illuminated and non-illuminated quality and available in 6Amps, 16 Amps capacity in 250 volts in AC. They are also available in standard solder type, mounting type and allied forms and are used for circuit switching. The outer body is kept either white or black but the switches are available in various colors such as yellow, red green, white, black and blue. Its function DPST, DPDT, Momentary, indicator and panel thickness is from 0.75 mm to 3 mm.

Cam Operated Rotatory Switches:

Cam Operated Rotatory Switches are used in making, breaking as well as isolation of power circuits and switching auxiliary circuits and are arranged to make and break in a sequential fashion.

Pneumatic Proximity Switches:

Pneumatic Proximity Switches or Part Seat Check switches are pressure-sensing switches that offers electrical signal during change over contact. These Pneumatic Proximity Switches gives accuracy on the backpressure that is developed by the air jet contact on the object such as dimensioning, positioning and working surfaces.

Reverse / Forward Switches:

Reverse / Forward Switches are designed in order to provide trouble free and durable functioning for a long time. Reverse / Forward Switches are designed in various specifications.

Push Pull Switches:

Push Pull Switches are high-speed current logic circuit switch.

Phase Changeover:

Phase Changeover Switches are the need of modern housing. These Phase Changeover Switches are specifically designed for multi phase connections enabling many other features in the same phases.  These switches are also very useful when installed in small offices, residences and restaurants.

M.C.B. Switches:

MCB or miniature circuit breaker is series of circuit breaker belongs to the advanced level of technology. M.C.B Switches provides protection against over loads and short circuits and save wires, cables and equipments. They are used as protective functions as shortage and overloading, and are used in lighting distribution.



Sockets are extensively used in electrical goods  industry. The Sockets should be manufactured with superior quality material such as plastic material and polycarbonate plastic that provides functionality standard. Sockets should be flexible in designs, low power consumption and safe functioning. They should be ISI marked and manufactured according to IS 3854-1997, IS1293-1983. They are available in 6Amps, 16 Amps, 25 Amps.

Electrical Socket:

In general, sockets are available in rectangular or round shape and in various sizes and finish. They are either 2 pin or 3 pin and should be durable and highly corrosion resistant which make these highly reliable. Electrical sockets are electricity outlets, increase safety, and reduce risk.

Power Plug or Socket:

Power Plug or Socket should be resistant to fluctuation, efficiency, having highly accurate dimensions, and trouble free usage and appropriate safely.

BGA Sockets:

Electronic BGA Sockets are available in chip size, grid pattern and support pitch of 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm. They are available in Twist Lock, ZIF lever lock, knob lock, Solder compression less type, Quick lock compression type and are also available with SMT solder ball adapters.

 Test & Burn-in-IC Sockets:

Test & Burn-in-IC Sockets are through-hole mounted. These sockets specially use a clamshell or open- top lid. The material used is Hardened BeCu / Nickel. These are designed to meet the harsh demands of the burn-in test market and also these are provided an extensive selection of sockets for test requirements.

ZIF Sockets:

ZIF Sockets are manufactured with sophisticated technology eliminate the noise, ground bounce and over shoot problems. These are available in 14to 40 PIN.

 Porcelain Base Sockets:

Porcelain Base Sockets are extensively used in the electrical goods industry.

Avoid daily short circuit and overloading with the use of MCB(miniature circuit breaker), and save your electrical appliances from short circuit.
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Electricity can be deadly if not used with utmost care. When the phase or live wire touches our body, electric current gives shock depending on the intensity of voltage and paralyze muscular functions of the body. To avoid electric shocks during electric works/contact, make sure you have followed all precautions of electric shock mentioned in the following article.
Electric fitting must be safe and ensure proper safety to the occupants of the house. Low quality products or appliances can cause fatal accidents like short circuit fire/smoke, break out of fire in entire house, current-shock to any member etc.
Saving electricity not only adds to your money but will help thousands in demand of energy also.It’s duty of every citizen to use appliances in proper way.
Sometimes due to carelessness or ignorance, electric phase (Live) wire comes in touch with human body and the current flows through the body as the body is good conductor of electric current.
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These are three types of faults in electrical fitting: .Open Circuit Fault .Short Circuit Fault .Earth fault and Leakage Fault
The tools for electrical fitting in home: Connector Screw driver (10 cm),Neon Tester,Adjustable Screw Spanner (15cm)
Fluorescent light tubes come in many shapes and sizes. An increasingly popular one is the compact fluorescent light bulb (CF). A fluorescent lamp produces much useful visible light which require only 1/3 to 1/4 of the input electricity.
The breadth and thickness of the strips should be checked.Spacing of screws for fixing strips should be checked.
Check width and depth of the channel, the quality and size of the bricks for mechanical protection.Whether cable identification tags are provided or not.
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Rocker Switch
Rocker Switch
Pneumatic Proximity Switches
Pneumatic Proximity Switches
MCB Switches
MCB Switches
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US type Multiple Sockets
Reverse / Forward Switches
Reverse / Forward Switches
Cam Operated Rotatory Switches
Cam Operated Rotatory Switches

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