How to do leveling of concrete in wooden block flooring

The recommended method for leveling of concrete in wooden block flooring is as follows

Termite treatment 

When earth work under floor is completed, then termite treatment is done as follows

  • Treat floors of the rooms by making holes in the earth under floors and filling them with chemicals.   
  • Make use of chemicals at the junction of walls and floors.  
  • Treat external perimeters of the building by making 300 mm deep holes filled with chemicals to provide a barrier around building or the house. 
  • Make holes into the earth and fill them with chemicals to treat the soil under plinth protection and around pipe.  
  • Treat expansion of joints at ground level with anti termite chemical treatment.   
  • Use anti termite chemical to treat ‘chowkhats’ or door frames before fixing them into the building.

Base  Concrete

Before laying flooring, the base coat and leveling concrete should be laid as follows.

  • After marking the levels on the walls, Dressing of earth should be done according to the levels
  • The earth should be properly compacted with the help of watering and ramming.
  • Sand piling should be done, which helps to ensure proper compaction of the earth under floor.
  • Lay 100 mm thick fine sand on compacted earth.
  • After laying fine sand, lay 100 mm thick cement concrete in the ratio 1:8:16 with the help of mechanical mixer.
  • It must be ensured that the base coat laid is fully compacted by hand rammers or with surface vibrator.

Leveling Concrete

A layer of leveling concrete should be at least 25 mm thick.Cement concrete should be in the ratio of 1:2:4 i.e. 1part of cement, 2parts of fine aggregate and 4 parts of coarse aggregate.

  • It should be laid in proper slope and in level with the help of straight edge and trowel.
  • It should be perfectly compacted by hand compaction with wooden thappy.
  • The surface should be finished with wooden float to give sand paper finish, plane and true to level.
  • It should be ensure that the finish level of the concrete should be lower than the proposed finish level of the flooring by the specified thickness of the wooden block plush minimum of 1.5 mm.It should be cured for 7 days. 
  • After curing the surface allowed to dry thoroughly before paving the wooden blocks.
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